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syz·​y·​gy | \ ˈsi-zə-jē  \

: the nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies (such as the sun, moon, and earth during a solar or lunar eclipse) in a gravitational system [Merriam-Webster, 2021]

: a pair of connected or corresponding things [Oxford, 2021]

Just as an eclipse is a singular and deeply spiritual event, I believe that a work of art is as well. And just as an eclipse is dependent on the perfect alignment of the sun, moon, and Earth, so too is a performance dependent on the alignment of an artist's body, mind, and vision. When you start seeing Dr. Cody at SYZYGY Movement Solutions, your needs and your goals are core.

My mission is to collaborate with performing artists to optimize their physical abilities so they can showcase their best artistry.


Who is
Dr. Cody?

I struck out from my hometown of Thornton, Colorado, after graduating from Mountain Range High School and earned my Bachelor of Science in Movement Science from Texas Christian University in 2015 with a minor in Child Development. I went on to earn my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine in 2018.

Following graduation, I traveled around the US and Canada for a year and a half with the National Tour of Disney’s The Lion King as the company health provider, treating cast, crew, management, and orchestra. Physical activity has been a motif from a very young age, having participated in activities such as soccer, running, swimming, skateboarding, cycling, and rock climbing. At my core, I am a performer and actively participate in acting, vocal and instrumental music, dance, and writing.

I bring a heavily movement-, myofascial-, education-based approach to my treatment, meaning that I look closely at not what you can do, but how you do it. I particularly enjoy treating performers, kids, and young athletes; but I've treated the lifespan. Travel, novel pursuits, and artistic expression are my tenets to a fulfilled life. I thrive on getting to know my patients, prioritizing their passions and empowering them to feel in control of their health and well-being.


Bachelors of Science in Movement Science; Texas Christian University (2015)

Doctor of Physical Therapy; Washington University in St Louis, School of Medicine (2018)

Certified in Dry Needling Level I, Level II (Cert-DN); Dry Needling Institute, American Academy of Manipulative Therapy (2018)

Emergency First Response

Basic Life Support

Clinical Strength and Conditioning Specialist; National Strength and Conditioning Association

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