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Performer Screening

Full health / movement analysis and custom exercise programs to minimize health risk.

Production Analysis

Movement assessment across all departments--costumes, set, props, individual tracks--to identify risks.

Pre-show Treatment

Have Dr. Cody treat your company members for any pain or movement issues. All before the places call. 

Performance Coverage

Have the coverage and education of a medical provider on-hand, from wellness to sprains to emergency first response.


The performing arts are amazing. We tell beautiful stories. We forge connections and remind that we all are a part of the human experience.

However, we also know that there is always a price of physical stress we pay in pursuit of our passion. That body stress can be more than we can handle. Did you know that at any given time, 82% of all dancers are in pain? Not only that, but the statistical amount of performers that are willing to report pain or movement issues is extremely low, meaning very little warning that something is brewing. The eventuality is calling out of shows, stress over swings and understudies, workman's comp and medical expenses. . . A whole host of issues that could be avoided. What started as a small physical price becomes a large financial one.

Furthermore, our performers can give much better artistry when they aren't preoccupied with an unstable knee, overstressed voice, or migraine.

Enter Backstage Coverage.

  • Decrease injury risk and frequency. Less likely to call out. Less likely to get injured

  • Decrease time out of shows. Less time injured and less time using track coverage.

  • Optimize movement, optimize performance10% increase in jump height,14% improvement of dance aesthetic.

  • Decrease costs. Decreased injury means decreased cost. Furthermore, average of 72% less cost with physical therapy compared to the orthopedist-workman's comp route. And they don't typically understand performing artists' lifestyles and movement demands. It's not specific enough to meet their needs.


Rates are specific to production, needs, and plans to bundle services.


Any of this resonate with your or your company's values?

Call today!

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