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Yoga on SUP


Start up a virtual program to take control and level up your performance--with Dr. Cody's attentive guidance.


Physical Therapy

You may have done PT before, but never like this. Take back your body and your spirit. Grow along the way. The best part? Wherever you need help, Dr. Cody will go to you.


Learning is the basis for improving your health and keeping you healthy. After all, no one wants to get better just to get hurt again. SYZYGY offers a number of educational opportunities to help you, your students, or your employees claim ownership of health.

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Dance Class

Backstage Coverage

Get ahead of the healthcare costs and the injuries. Proactive instead of reactive. Performers from all around will sing your praises at how well they are taken care of at your company. Have a Performing Arts Doctor of Physical Therapy redefine the meaning of "support."

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